FAQ English

FAQ English

Do you have a question for AFAS Live? Check the answers related to our FAQ below. Didn't find what you were looking for? Then contact us at [email protected].


Can I get in with someone else’s name on the ticket?

Most of the time it's not a problem to get in with some else's name on the tickets. Sometimes, at the request of the artist or organisator, the tickets are personalised. This means that the person whose name is on the ticket will have to show their ID when entering the venue. If this is the case we explicitly mention it on our website.

What to do when I lose my ticket?

AFAS Live is a venue that gets hired by event organisators. We don't organize events ourselves and we are not involved in ticket sales. Therefore, we advise you to reach out to the official ticket organization of the event.

If you bought an online ticket, try to log in on your account on the website of the ticket organization. Once that’s done, you can find your ticket there and redownload it.

Can I show my ticket on my phone?

This depends on the kind of event. The ticketseller determines whether tickets can be scanned via your phone. We advise you to print out the tickets and take them with you.

We suggest to contact the ticketseller directly to ask them if tickets can be scanned via your phone.

Can you check if my ticket is valid?

It is not possible to see whether the tickets are valid. Tickets can carry the correct logo and have all kinds of security features, but can still be invalid.

We advise you to only purchase tickets via the official ticket seller. On our website we always link to the official ticket seller, you can check the correct website when you click on 'bestel tickets'.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Most events that take place in AFAS Live are events that are organised by third parties. AFAS Live is purely rented as a location and therefore is not involved in ticket sales. The ticket sales is organised by the organisor/promoter of the event, mostly Ticketmaster, CTS Eventim, Paylogic, Ticketscript or other channels.

Each event that takes place in AFAS Live is listed on our website. Please click on the event of your choice and you will find information on where to order tickets (usually a direct link to the organiser's website).

Unfortunately more false or expensive tickets are offered on the internet. If you click on the orange button 'bestel tickets' (= order tickets) link on our website, you are assured you purchase tickets at the correct ticket fee and you are guaranteed to be in possession of a valid ticket.

My ticket says 'vrije staan en zitplaatsen'. What does this mean?

'Vrije staan en zitplaatsen' means you are free to choose whether you like to stand or sit at the concert. The Blackbox has plenty of room to stand. In addition to room for standing, we also have a grandstand with over 700 seats. We also have a balcony on the second floor, which has about 650 seats.

Please note: it is not possible to reserve seats in advance. If you would like to sit, we recommend being there on time so that you can pick your own seat. The doors of the venue usually open at 6.30pm (always check the agenda for current times to be sure).

Concert / Events

What is the minimum age to visit an event?

The minimum age varies for each event and/or promoter. However, we use a recommended age of 16 years and older and under 16 accompanied by an adult.

For dance- and nightevents you often have to be 18 years and older. If they do wish for a minimum age it will be mentioned in our agenda.

What time does a concert start?

Please check the 'aanvang' (= start time) as listed per individual event on our website. The event usually starts off with a support act. Please check our website regularly for updates on support acts, start times, etc. AFAS Live is not responsible for an early/late start time.

What time does a concert finish?

This depends on the artists. AFAS Live advises organisers of events to take public transport timetables into consideration and we therefore recommend them to finish shows by 11pm.


The minimum age varies per event. We advise an age of 16 years or older. If you are not 16 yet, it is recommended that you visit AFAS Live with someone who is 18 years or older. Please note: this is an advice.

For shows with an age restriction, this is explicitly stated on the event page. Dance events and night parties often have a minimum age of 18 years. Please check our calendar and choose the show you want to go to to see if a minimum age applies.


What can I NOT bring with me into the venue?
  • Backpacks or other bags bigger than the size of A4 and thicker than 10 cm.
  • Dangerous objects such as weapons, knives, (flag)poles, selfie-sticks, glas and/or tin-plate
  • Food and drinks
  • Soft- and harddrugs and alcohol
  • Toxic, combustible, explosive materials and fireworks
  • Skates, bikes, steps, skateboards
  • Folding chairs and stools
  • Pets (animals)
  • Go Pro’s, professional photo, video- and audio equipment
  • Every other object/case that could be dangerous for the health and safety of the visitors
Where can I park my car?

There are a lot of parking facilities closeby AFAS Live (7.000 parking spaces). P6 is situated directly underneath AFAS Live but has limited capacity. Other parkings we recommend are P3 and P4/5. However, we recommend our visitors to travel to AFAS Live by Public Transport (station Bijlmer ArenA is a 2 minute walk).

Please note that during (football) events alternative parking facilities are offered in the ArenA area.

Is there a map of the venue?

The set up of the venue is deteremined by the organizer of the event. There is not a standard map because this can be different each show. If the show is seated, there will be an online map at the website of the ticketseller. If this is not available, we advise you to reach out to the organization themself.

If the show is not seated, it’s often general admission. This means you can choose to either stand or sit. The seats are located on the tribune and balcony in the back of the venue, and the ground floor will be standing. Seats can’t be reserved, so if you want to be seated we advise you to arrive early.

Do I need to bring my ID?

Yes, when you enter the venue it is possible that a security officer will ask you to show your passport, ID card or driving licence.


Cloakroom facilities and lockers

Lockers In the foyer you can buy a key, which costs 6 euros with a 2 euro deposit. Lockers at dance- and nightevents will cost 10 euros with a 4 euro deposit. After the event you can return your key at the counter and get your deposit back. During some events lockers won’t be available. You can also donate the deposit for charity.

Bags bigger than A4-size and other big items Outside AFAS Live, Lockerpoint ArenAPoort can be found. You can rent a large locker here for storing luggage that is not allowed inside the venue, such as backpacks, weekend bags, trolleys, a helmet or suitcases. The luggage lockers are open until 1 hour after the event ends. Visit the Lockerpoint website for more information about the dimensions of lockers, exact location and the price.

Cloackroom During most events in AFAS Live, we exclusively use the lockers as explained above. In case a cloackroom is open during an event, this will be mentioned on the eventpage.

NOTE: It's not allowed to take large bags into AFAS Live. Handbags that fit within A4 size and are less than 10 cm thick are an exception to this rule. Please note, the cloakrooms and lockers are not available for big bags, only for small bags and coats. We do recommend leaving your big bags at home.

Are the toilets free of charge?

Yes, visitors can always use the toilets free of charge.


AFAS Live is a cashless venue, hence you can pay with your debit or credit card. This is possible at all bars and food stands in our venue. You can pay cashless if you have Maestro, VISA and Mastercard.

Are there lockers at the venue?

Lockers are available at AFAS Live. At the locker counter you can purchase a locker and will also leave a small deposit for the key. After handing in the key when you leave, you will get your deposit back. Lockers are used at all concerts/events, unless indicated otherwise at the concert information. Please note that large bags are not allowed and cannot be stored in the lockers at AFAS Live. Only handbags with a maximum size of A4 and approximately 10 cm thick are allowed inside. AFAS Live's lockers are not available for large bags, as they are only accessible after you passed security.

Would you like to bring large luggage such as backpacks, weekend bags, trolleys, a helmet or suitcases? Then use one of the Lockerpoint locations in the ArenAPoort area to safely store your belongings. You can find Lockerpoint Arenapoort P5 250 metres from the entrance to AFAS Live. This location is always open during events in AFAS Live. If there are no more lockers available at this location, location Lockerpoint Arenapoort (above the Ziggo Dome entrance) will be opened. Visit Lockerpoint's website for more information on locations, locker sizes and pricing.

Are booster seats available?

Yes; booster seats are available during children's shows and can be used free of charge.

Please note: limited availability.

Extra Security Measurements

Are there COVID-19 measures in the Netherlands?

There are no COVID-19 measures in the Netherlands, hence there are no restrictions when visiting our shows.

What is the official bag policy?

Bags up to A4 size and approximately 10cm thick are allowed. All bags larger than A4 size are not allowed inside and can only be stored at nearby Lockerpoint locations. It is not allowed to store them in the lockers at AFAS Live.

Do you monitor the volume?

Live music is our speciality, so we closely monitor the sound (measured in "dB") during every show for safety. The sound is measured continuously throughout the show. Should the sound standard be unexpectedly exceeded, we will intervene.

In addition, you can also protect your ears by using earplugs. Alpine earplugs are availabe at the bar and in a vending machine. The special earplugs not only protect your ears, but the unique filter also ensures that the music is at its best. So you can enjoy your favourite music safely. Alpine earplugs have a unique fit and therefore fit like a glove. They also last a long time.

Do you sell earplugs?

Yes we sell earplugs! AFAS Live has partnered with Alpine. The earplugs protect your ears and the unique filter ensures that the music is at its best. So you can enjoy your favourite music safely.

Alpine earplugs are available at all box offices at the entrance and the foyer.


Do you have a restaurant?

Yes we do. Restaurant First is the perfect spot where you can go for a delicious 3-course menu. Our restaurant opens an hour earlier than the doors for the show, so you can have a carefree dinner and be ready to enter the Black Box just in time for the concert.

You can reserve a table here.

At what age are you allowed to drink alcohol?

From 2014, the Alcohol and Catering Act applies. Visitors under 18 are not allowed to order or consume alcohol. It is important that you always carry valid proof of identity. If in doubt, we will ask for it. It is prohibited to buy and pass on alcohol to visitors under 18. Upon detection, you will be denied access. This also applies to visitors who accept alcohol

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

No, this is not allowed. However, you can buy drinks at one of our catering outlets.


Am I allowed to smoke in AFAS Live?

AFAS Live is a non-smoking building.

Can I bring a camera?

Although we cannot prohibit the use of mobile phones, it's officially not allowed to take photos during an event. It is prohibited to bring (digital) cameras into the building and they will therefore be confiscated upon entrance. We refer to your ticket for more information about the do's and don't regarding photography.

Does AFAS Live organise events?

No, AFAS Live mainly serves as location for events organised by third parties. We are not involved in organising, ticket sales, etc.

Can we collaborate for school assignments/researchs/interviews?

We understand that AFAS Live is an attractive venue for school assignments and investigations. Unfortunately we have to disappoint you, because we simply receive too many requests.

We wish everyone good luck with their school assignments!

Can I contact you for Lost & Found items?

Do you think your item was stolen? Then please report it to the police.

Is your item lost? Then contact us via this form: "Lost and found".