EN - Your visit to AFAS Live

EN - Your visit to AFAS Live

Never give up on your cup!

AFAS Live would like to collect and recycle 100% of plastic cups and bottles on site. To do this, we need help from visitors like you


  • At the entrance, each visitor is given a wooden coin: the so-called return token.
  • When you present this token at the bar, you will get one drink in either a cup or a bottle.
  • Always hand in your empty cup or bottle at the bar when you get a new drink.

IMPORTANT: a cup, bottle and return tokens cannot be exchanged for money.

Help! I’ve lost my cup, bottle or return token.

Have you lost your cup, bottle or return token? Pay €1,-* for a new one. *Refunds are not possible.

What is if don't feel like carrying my cup or bottle?

You can exchange it at the bar for a return token, which you can once again use to get a new cup or bottle at any time


If you are leaving, please hand in your cup, bottle or return token at the bar or at the designated collection points at the exit. This way, the return tokens can be reused at another event, the cups and bottles can be recycled, and we can all help AFAS Live to be more sustainable. Read more about sustainability.

WIN VIP Tickets

Hand in your last cup or bottle and receive a unique prize code for a chance to win two VIP tickets to the event of your choice!


AFAS Live is a cashless venue, which means you can only pay with a bank card or credit card. This applies to all bars and food stands on site. The advantage is that you don’t have to withdraw any cash beforehand. You can pay cashless if you have a Maestro, VISA or Mastercard.

AFAS Live tokens

In the past, guests could pay with AFAS Live Coins. If you still have any of these coins, hand them in at the ticket window for an immediate refund.

Bag policy

Bags smaller than an A4 sheet of paper and less than 10cm thick are allowed. Any bags larger than this are not allowed inside the venue and can be stored in nearby Lockerpoint locations (see information under ‘Lockers’)



AFAS Live has lockers available for a fee. You will get your deposit back when you return the key to the ticket window. Lockers are used at all concerts/events unless indicated otherwise in the concert/event information. Please note: large bags are not permitted and cannot be stored in the lockers at AFAS Live. Only bags that are smaller than an A4 sheet of paper and less than 10cm thick may be brought inside the venue. The AFAS Live lockers cannot be used for large bags since they are located beyond the security checkpoint.


Would you like to bring large luggage such as backpacks, weekend bags, trolleys, a helmet or suitcases? Then use one of the Lockerpoint locations in the ArenAPoort area to safely store your belongings. You can find Lockerpoint Arenapoort P5 250 metres from the entrance to AFAS Live. This location is always open during events in AFAS Live. If there are no more lockers available at this location, location Lockerpoint Arenapoort (above the Ziggo Dome entrance) will be opened. Visit Lockerpoint's website for more information on locations, locker sizes and pricing.

Website Lockerpoint


You can also choose to donate your locker deposit by dropping your key in one of the designated bins at the entrance. Your €2 will go to Make-A-Wish Netherlands to help make young patients’ dearest wishes come true.


The house rules apply to all visitors at AFAS Live. Read through them prior to your visit.

To ensure the safety of our visitors and the security of our venue, AFAS Live is under video surveillance 24 hours a day. The security footage is for internal use only.

House rules


Everyone is welcome at AFAS Live. See our page about accessibility for more information. This page also contains a contact form you can submit if you have any questions.


The Talent Stage hosts an aftershow at the end of nearly every standard concert, with the stage given over to Dutch talent. The band or DJ help visitors enjoy the afterglow for a little while longer. The music played at the aftershow is in the same genre as the music from the earlier concert.

Dining facilities

Snacks (pizza, chips, sandwiches, etc.) are sold in the Foyer in our Grab & Go kiosk. AFAS Live also offers 3 course menus in Restaurant First, for more information and reservations please contact us at [email protected]. Please note that it is not possible to bring drinks or food purchased outside of AFAS Live into the building and will therefore be confiscated upon entrance.


Do you have questions about your visit, then visit our FAQ page.
Did you not find your answer here? Please contact us via [email protected].