Since 2001 the location lives up to her credo 'Live will never be the same!'. The concept, which is internationally refreshing, offers over 600.000 visitors a year an unforgettable night out. In 2001 the doors of the location opened as Heineken Music Hall and in 2017 its name changed to AFAS Live, AFAS Software is the new sponsor. 

AFAS Live is designed especially for amplified (pop) music. According to the experts, the acoustics in the Black Box (the main hall in AFAS Live) are nowhere to be found better. No other venue has been nominated multiple times for the Pollstar Awards as 'Best International Music Venue'. AFAS Live is far more than just four walls and a roof. For live music lovers it's a total experience!

Security Cameras
AFAS Live makes use of security cameras 24/7, for safety of our visitors and the security of the building. These recordings are for internal use only.

Early Access
We allow visitors early access to our building. Our doors usually open at 6.30pm. Visitors are able to buy a drink or a snack, while waiting for the concert to start.

After show
After almost every concert you are welcome to dance some more at the aftershow in the Beat Box on the 1st floor. A DJ or live band will make sure that you are able to continue the concertvibe while playing your favourite tunes!

Cloakroom facilities and lockers
It's not allowed to take large bags into AFAS Live. Handbags that fit within A4 size and are less than 10 cm thick are an exception to this rule. Please note, There is no cloakroom and there are no lockers available for big bags. There is a small amount of lockers available at Amsterdam Central Station. We do recommend leaving your bags at home and be sure to be on time.

Wheelchair Access
AFAS Live has easy wheelchair access. Disabled visitors in a wheelchair are required to purchase a so called 'wheelchair ticket' in order to make use of the disabled platform. They can then be accompanied by one escort. At so called 'seated' shows, the organiser of the event takes visitors in wheelchairs, plus one escort, into good consideration.

Parking facilities in the vicinity of AFAS Live are good (7.000 parking spaces). P6 is situated directly underneath AFAS Live and Transferium/P1 is situated directly opposite AFAS Live. However, we recommend our visitors, if possible, to travel to AFAS Live by Public Transport (station 'Bijlmer ArenA' is a 2 minute walk).
Please note that during (football)events alternative parking facilities are offered in the ArenA area. Please check the news items on our site for information!

Parking Cards
To avoid queues in the parking garages after an event, AFAS Live sells parking tickets at € 12,- each, for P1/P3/P4/P5/P6/P10 and P19. The tickets/cards can be purchased from the box office and in the Foyer. It is important that you give prior notice to the cashier about where your car is parked.

AFAS Live does not charge for use of toilets and cloakroom. Visitors who want to leave a tip, can do so by means of donating money in our money-boxes. The proceeds will go entirely to dance4life.

Dining facilities
Snacks (pizza, chips, sandwiches, etc.) are sold in the Foyer in our Grab & Go kiosk. AFAS Live also offers 3 course menus in Restaurant First, for more information and reservations please contact us at restaurant@afaslive.nl. Please note that it is not possible to bring drinks or food purchased outside of AFAS Live into the building and will therefore be confiscated upon entrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AFAS Live organise events?
No, AFAS Live mainly serves as location for events organised by third parties. We are not involved in organising, ticket sales, etc.

Where can I purchase tickets?
Most events that take place in AFAS Live are events that are organised by third parties. AFAS Live is purely rented as a location and therefore is not involved in ticket sales. The ticket sales is organised by the organisor/promoter of the event, mostly TicketmasterCTS EventimPaylogicTicketscript or other channels. 

Each event that takes place in AFAS Live is listed on our website. Please click on the event of your choice and you will find information on where to order tickets (usually a direct link to the organiser's website).

Unfortunately more false or expensive tickets are offered on the internet. If you click on the orange button 'bestel tickets' (= order tickets) link on our website, you are assured you purchase tickets at the correct ticket fee and you are guaranteed to be in possession of a valid ticket.

What time does a concert start?
Please check the 'aanvang' (= start time) as listed per individual event on our website. The event usually starts off with a support act. Please check our website regularly for updates on support acts, start times, etc. AFAS Live is not responsible for an early/late start time.

What time does a concert finish?
This depends on the artists. AFAS Live advises organisers of events to take public transport timetables into consideration and we therefore recommend them to finish shows by 11pm.

Can I take photographs during the event?
Although we cannot prohibit the use of mobile phones, it is officially not allowed to take photos during an event. It is prohibited to bring (digital) cameras into the building and they will therefore be confiscated upon entrance. We refer to your ticket for more information about the do's and don't regarding photography.

Am I allowed to smoke in AFAS Live?
AFAS Live is a non-smoking building. Smoking is only allowed in the Match Box, the smoking lounge on the first floor.

Live Nation
AFAS Live is part of Live Nation, an American company that specialises in live entertainment. Live Nation organises 33.000 events on a yearly basis and produces tours from e.g. Madonna, The Rolling Stones and Coldplay.